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Food structure, colloids and digestion

I started my research career as a PhD student at the institute in 2000. Then, in 2003, I went to Rothamsted Research to work on a Foods Standards Agency funded project. I returned to the institute in 2006, where I have worked on several projects; including EuroPrevall, DREAM, CIRC, OatMet and DRINC.

My current research interests focus on how the structure of food, before and after processing, affects the digestibility of nutrients that are important to health.

Min B,Salt L,Wilde P,Kosik O,Hassall K,Przewieslik-Allen A,Burridge AJ,Poole M,Snape J,Wingen L,Haslam R,Griffiths S,Shewry PR. (2020)

Genetic variation in wheat grain quality is associated with differences in the galactolipid content of flour and the gas bubble properties of dough liquor.

Food chemistry: X, 6

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Liu J., Liu W., Salt L. J., Ridout M. J., Ding Y., Wilde P. J.. (2019)

Fish Oil Emulsions Stabilized with Caseinate Glycated by Dextran: Physicochemical Stability and Gastrointestinal Fate.

Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, 67, 452-462

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Liu W., Liu J., Salt L. J., Ridout M. J., Han J., Wilde P. J.. (2019)

Structural stability of liposome-stabilized oil-in-water pickering emulsions and their fate during in vitro digestion.

Food & function, 10, 7262-7274

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Salt L. J., Gonzalez-Thuillier I., Chope G., Penson S., Tosi P., Haslam R. P., Skeggs P. K., Shewry P. R., Wilde P. J.. (2017)

Intrinsic wheat lipid composition effects the interfacial and foaming properties of dough liquor

Food Hydrocolloids, 75, 211-222

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Mackie A. R., Bajka B., Rigby N. M., Wilde P. J., Alves-Pereira F., Mosleth E. F., Rieder A., Kirkhus B., Salt L.. (2017)

Oatmeal particle size alters glycemic index but not as a function of gastric emptying rate.

American journal of physiology. Gastrointestinal and liver physiology, 313, G239-G246

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Petropoulou K., Chambers E. S., Morrison D. J., Preston T., Godsland I. F., Wilde P., Narbad A., Parker R., Salt L., Morris V. J., Domoney C., Persaud S. J., Holmes E., Penson S., Watson J., Stocks M., Buurman M., Luterbacher M., Frost G.. (2016)

Identifying crop variants with high resistant starch content to maintain healthy glucose homeostasis

Nutrition Bulletin, 41, 372-377

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González-Thuillier I., Salt L., Chope G., Penson S., Skeggs P., Tosi P., Powers S. J., Ward J. L., Wilde P., Shewry P. R., Haslam R. P.. (2015)

Distribution of Lipids in the Grain of Wheat (cv. Hereward) Determined by Lipidomic Analysis of Milling and Pearling Fractions.

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 63, 10705-16

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Ballmer-Weber B., Fernandez-Rivas M., Beyer K., Defernez M., Sperrin M., Mackie A. R., Salt L. J., Hourihane J., Asero R., Belohlavkova S., Kowalski M., de Blay F., Papadopoulos N. G., Clausen M., Knulst A. C., Roberts G. C., Popov T., Sprikkelman A. B., Dubakiene R., Vieths S., van Ree R., Crevel R. W., Mills E. C. N.. (2015)

How much is too much? Threshold dose distributions for five food allergens

Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 135, 964-971

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