Dr Marina Corrado

Research Scientist

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Improving the health impact of wheat starch


My research is focussed on understanding the impact of starch characteristics on glycaemic response. This involves studying starch in its native form, after hydrothermal processing (cooking) and within a food matrix in vitro.

Starch from wheat which is the main component of most baked products such as bread, my goal is to study how altering starch structure in planta can affect the glycaemic power of starchy foods.

The impact of starchy foods can be measured in vivo in acute intervention studies; recently, I conducted the REST study to investigate the effect of a high-amylose bread made from a wheat lacking in starch branching enzyme II on glycaemic response in healthy individuals.

Key Publications

Gerard Grubben, Wijnand Klaver, RĂ©mi Nono-Womdim, Arij Everaarts, Lassina Fondio, Jan Arie Nugteren and Marina Corrado. (2014) Vegetables to Combat the Hidden Hunger in Africa. Chronica Horticulturae 54 24-32

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