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Improving the health impact of wheat starch


I first became interested in food science while studying food technology and nutrition. I specialized in human physiology during my MSc at Wageningen University. I then joined the Cassavita project aimed to study the effect of provitamin A biofortified cassava on vitamin A status in Kenyan children and I became interested in staple foods contribution to the diet to fight malnutrition in developed and developing countries.

My work focuses on developing food products with low glycemic index and a beneficial effect on human health using genomic tools. This is a PhD project supervised by Dr Brittany Hazard at the Quadram Institute and by Dr Cristobal Uauy at the John Innes Centre.

Key Publications

Gerard Grubben, Wijnand Klaver, RĂ©mi Nono-Womdim, Arij Everaarts, Lassina Fondio, Jan Arie Nugteren and Marina Corrado. (2014) Vegetables to Combat the Hidden Hunger in Africa. Chronica Horticulturae 54 24-32

Corrado M., Cherta-Murillo A., Chambers E., Wood A., Plummer A., Lovegrove A., Edwards C. H., Frost G., Hazard B. A.. (2019)

Effect of semolina pudding prepared from starch branching enzyme II a and b mutant wheat on glycaemic response in vitro and in vivo: a randomised controlled pilot study

Food and Function

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