Dr Olla Al-Jaibaji


Research Scientist and Study Manager

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Synthetic biology and biosynthetic pathways

Health benefits of dietary polyphenols

I am currently the principal investigator of the HARVEST study.

The HARVEST study is investigating the impact of bespoke recipes consumed daily using a dietary app on blood iron levels. Additionally, the study examines how eating salad greens grown in a hydroponic unit and biofortified with vitamin B12 will affect blood vitamin B12 levels in women of childbearing age who follow a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.

Burgos G, Liria R, Zeder C, Kroon PA, Hareau G, Penny M, Dainty J, Al-Jaibaji O, Boy E, Mithen R, Hurrell RF, Salas E, Zum Felde, Zimmermann MB, Fairweather-Tait . (2023)

Total Iron Absorbed from Iron-Biofortified Potatoes Is Higher than that from Nonbiofortified Potatoes: A Randomized Trial Using Stable Iron Isotopes in Women from the Peruvian Highlands.

The Journal of nutrition, 153, 1710-1717

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