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Health benefits of dietary polyphenols


I am an organic chemist working with colleagues to study the health benefits of phytochemicals, particularly polyphenols and organosulfur compounds derived from cruciferous vegetables.

Currently I am synthesizing polyphenol human metabolites, and 34-S-labelled derivatives. These are used in cell culture studies, and as mass spectral standards.

González-Domínguez R., Jáuregui O., Needs P. W., Kroon P. A., Andrés-Lacueva C.. (2019)

Quantitative Dietary Fingerprinting (QDF)-A Novel Tool for Comprehensive Dietary Assessment Based on Urinary Nutrimetabolomics.

Journal of agricultural and food chemistry

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Traka M., Melchini A., Coode-Bate J., Al-Kadhi O., Shikha S., Defernez M., Troncoso Rey P., Kibblewhite H., O'Neill C., Bernuzzi F., Mythen L., Hughes J., Needs P., Dainty J., Savva G., Mills R., Ball R., Cooper C., Mithen R.. (2019)

Transcriptional changes in prostate of men on active surveillance following a 12-month glucoraphanin-rich broccoli intervention – results from the ESCAPE randomized controlled trial


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Mohos V., Pánovics A., Fliszár-Nyúl E., Schilli G., Hetényi C., Mladenka P., Needs P. W., Kroon P. A., Petho G., Poór M.. (2019)

Inhibitory Effects of Quercetin and Its Human and Microbial Metabolites on Xanthine Oxidase Enzyme.

International journal of molecular sciences, 20, 2681-2696

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Poor M., Boda G., Kunsagi-Mate S., Needs P. W., Kroon P. A., Lemli B.. (2018)

Fluorescence spectroscopic evaluation of the interactions of quercetin, isorhamnetin, and quercetin-3'-sulphate with different albumins

Journal of Luminescence, 194, 156-163

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Csepregi R., Temesfoi V., Sali N., Poór M., Needs P. W., Kroon P. A., Koszegi T.. (2018)

A One-Step Extraction and Luminescence Assay for Quantifying Glucose and ATP Levels in Cultured HepG2 Cells.

International journal of molecular sciences, 19

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