Petros Zafeiriou

Postgraduate Student

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Improving the health impact of wheat starch


My career in food science started at the TEI of Thessaly, Greece due to my dream to improve food products that have a healthy impact. My Bachelor’s degree was in Food Technology and these years of studying taught me that food is made by many chemical components that all comprise together to create a complex matrix which is challenging to study. During my third year, I participated in a competition for ecological and innovative products where I and my team got the first price for the creation of a novel jam product.

My passion for this industry made me come to the U.K to do my Master’s degree in Food and Beverage Science at the Heriot-Watt University where I chose to do half of my courses in food hydrocolloids and the other half in brewing science which was a part of the International Centre for Brewing and Distilling (ICBD). During my MSc, I had also the opportunity to work in a food research company which helped me understand the importance of learning the physicochemical mechanisms behind a product before developing it.

After the completion of my MSc, I chose to do a PhD which is focusing on understanding the starch properties in wheat contributing to resistant starch. This project is supervised by Dr Brittany Hazard, Prof. Peter Wilde and Dr Simon Griffiths and is based at the Quadram Institute and the John Innes Centre.