Rachel Berry


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I am a research scientist with over 10 years of experience working on various aspects of human nutrition.

I originally joined the Quadram Institute Bioscience as a member of the Micronutrients group working on micronutrient human studies (most notably iron). Following this, I worked for a period in the Nutrition Department at University of East Anglia (UEA), learning systematic review methodologies as part of an FP6 EU-Funded project on micronutrients (EURRECA).

I returned to Quadram Institute Bioscience in 2012 to continue working on European projects within the Food Databanks group, and subsequently took on project management duties for a large FP7 project on bioactives and health (BACCHUS).

I have also contributed to the NU-AGE, EuroDISH, DEDIPAC, QuaLiFY and RICHFIELDS projects, covering a variety of research interests including healthy ageing, the design and coordination of human studies, dietary assessment, research infrastructures and personalized nutrition

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