Dr Riccardo Scotti


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Rapid infectious disease and foodborne pathogen diagnosis/detection



My recent research spans the broader areas of molecular biology, NGS technologies and bioinformatic to study microbial ecology. Starting from the primary concept that plants are not stand-alone organisms, but rather key players a complex system which includes the soil, my PhD focused on understanding the effects of different agricultural managements on soil microbiome activity.

From here, I developed an interest for plant biostimulants; using a RNA-Seq approach, I characterized a new model response of tomato plants to the Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR), belonging to the Pseudomonas genus. Both these projects have been instrumental in my development as an all-round scientist, and have contributed to my extensive skills in microbial molecular biology, high-throughput sequencing technologies and bioinformatics.

The next obvious step was to come back to the microbiome and investigate the key aspects of its functionality by exploiting the skills, expertise and abilities I acquired in previous years. My current work looks at microbiome composition in different environments, using high-throughput sequencing technologies, from animal gut to soil and organic amendments, in the attempt to correlate microbial activity to the microbiota biosignatures and functionalities, and understand how microbes interact with surrounding environment.