Ryan Sweet

Postgraduate Student

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Investigating the evolution of antimicrobial resistance

After graduating with honours from Newcastle University in 2014 with my BSc in Biomedicine with Medical Microbiology, I worked for two years in an antibiotic-screening spin-off company, Demuris Ltd, as a Research Associate and Lab Tech/Manager.

Here my work mainly involved large-scale batch fermentations of various novel actinomyces strains and the organic extractions of their harvested material, along with various screening procedures throughout the entire process.  Come the end of my contract, I sought a PhD project which intrigued and challenged myself; this I feel I have found here at the Quadram Institute.

My research interests include anaerobic microbiology, food safety and food microbiology, in addition to my personal interests in medical microbiology, parasitology, biotechnology, antimicrobial and secondary metabolite discovery.