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Early life microbiota-host interactions

Chen Y., Brook T. C., Soe C. Z., O'Neill I., Alcon C., Leelastwattanagul O., Phillips S., Caim S., Clarke P., Hall L. J., Hoyles L.. (2020)

Preterm infants harbour diverse Klebsiella populations, including atypical species that encode and produce an array of antimicrobial resistance- and virulence-associated factors.

Microbial genomics

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James S,Phillips S,Telatin A,Baker D,Ansorge R,Clarke P,Hall LJ,Carding S. (2020)

Preterm Infants Harbour a Rapidly Changing Mycobiota That Includes Candida Pathobionts

Journal of Fungi, 6, 273

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James S. A., Phillips S., Baker D., Hall L., Carding S.. (2019)

Characterising the human intestinal mycobiome during healthy ageing

Access Microbiology, Vol 1, Issue 1A

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