Shabhonam Caim


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Early life microbiota-host interactions

As a Project Scientist of Hall lab, I work on various projects from bacterial and host perspective using my extensive experience of NGS data handling and visualization

I did my Bachelor’s in technology in Bioinformatics from Pune, India, after that I came to Norwich, UK to do my MSc in Bioinformatics. In my degrees, I learnt to program in C, C++, Java and Perl. In Feb 2010, I started to work as a Scientific Programmer at The Genome Analysis Group in Norwich. In Oct 2016, I joined Hall Lab at Quadram institute, Norwich

Rowe W. P., Carrieri A. P., Alcon C., Caim S., Shaw A., Sim K., Kroll J. S., Hall L. J., Pyzer-Knapp E. O., Winn M. D.. (2019)

Streaming histogram sketching for rapid microbiome analytics.

Microbiome, 7, 40

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Kiu R., Brown J., Bedwell H., Leclaire C., Shabhonam C., Pickard D., Dougan G., Dixon R. A., Hall L. J.. (2019)

Genomic analysis on broiler-associated Clostridium perfringens strains and exploratory caecal microbiome investigation reveals key factors linked to poultry necrotic enteritis

Animal Microbiome, 1, 12

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Leggett R. M., Alcon-Giner C., Heavens D., Caim S., Brook T. C., Kujawska M., Martin S., Peel N., Acford-Palmer H., Hoyles L., Clarke P., Hall L. J., Clark M. D.. (2019)

Rapid MinION profiling of preterm microbiota and antimicrobial-resistant pathogens.

Nature microbiology

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Scott N. A., Andrusaite A., Andersen P., Lawson M., Alcon C., Leclaire C., Caim S., Le Gall G., Shaw T., Connolly J. P. R., Roe A. J., Wessel H., Bravo-Blas A., Thomson C. A., Kästele V., Wang P., Peterson D. A., Bancroft A., Li X., Grencis R., Mowat A. M., Hall L. J., Travis M. A., Milling S. W. F., Mann E. R.. (2018)

Antibiotics induce sustained dysregulation of intestinal T cell immunity by perturbing macrophage homeostasis.

Science translational medicine, 10

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Kiu R., Caim S., Alcon C., Belteki G., Clarke P., Pickard D., Dougan G., Hall L.. (2017)

Preterm Infant-Associated Clostridium tertium, Clostridium cadaveris, and Clostridium paraputrificum Strains: Genomic and Evolutionary Insights

Genome Biology and Evolution, 9, 2707-2714

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Alcon C., Caim S., Mitra S., Ketskemety J., Wegmann U., Wain J., Belteki G., Clarke P., Hall L. J.. (2017)

Optimisation of 16S rRNA gut microbiota profiling of extremely low birth weight infants.

BMC Genomics, 18, 841

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