Dr Tamas Korcsmaros

Group Leader

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Systems Biology of Gut-Microbe Interactions

I started my research work as a high-school student in a biochemist laboratory, and after four years of experimental research work, I graduated as a biologist with a Master in Biochemistry in Budapest, Hungary. During my PhD, I developed a gap-filling signalling network database (http://SignaLink.org) for comparative studies, and established the NetBiol – Network Biology research group to focus on signalling and regulatory networks, especially the regulation of autophagy in cancer. I led the NetBiol group for 4 years. We developed novel databases and web-services to meet key needs of the scientific community, while carrying out research using advanced network analysis. In March 2014, I moved to Norwich to become a Fellow at the Earlham Institute (previously TGAC) with a group leader appointment at the Quadram Institute working on gut-related systems biology projects.

By exploiting the expertise available in the two institutes, I have established a group combining in silico approaches (primarily carried out at EI) with bench work and validation (carried out at QI). Our focus is the application of network biology approaches to uncover the role of microbiota in autophagy regulation in the gut. In my group, we develop and utilise bioinformatics methods for computational analysis, which are then experimentally validated at QI or with collaborators at the UEA. I am working closely with several research groups in the Norwich Research Park, including the QI groups of Rob Kingsley, Lindsay Hall and Simon Carding, EI groups of Federica Di-Palma, Wilfried Haerty, Wiktor Jurkowsky, Iain Macaulay and Rob Davey as well as with UEA groups of Alastair Watson and Tom Wileman. Our major focus is on research projects, but we also provide databases for the community as a service, and carry out translational tool development projects. We develop and maintain three resources that fill important gaps in the landscape of network biology bioinformatics tools: 1) SignaLink; 2) Autophagy Regulatory Network; 3) NRF2ome. SignaLink has been described as among the top ten signalling network databases with >2000 visits/month (Chowdhury and Sarkar, Database, 2015). In addition, we recently released a novel database, SalmoNet, an integrated network resource for 10 Salmonella strains.

I played a major role in organising eight international conferences (each with more than 1000 participants), including FEBS-IUBMB Congress 2005 and World Stress Congress 2007. In 2014, I organised the first Interdisciplinary Signaling Workshop (http://signalingworkshop.org) with more than 80 participants. Here advanced science was combined with informal summer activities to solve multi-disciplinary scientific questions with mostly early-stage scientists and high-level, enthusiastic speakers.

Since 2001, I have been participating as a volunteer in Hungarian and international talent support organisations. I organised more than 10 high-school student research conferences. Between 2004 and 2007, I established a university student leadership program for biology students to organise and manage scientific research-related programs and conferences. Currently, I am the Chairman of the Board of the Research Student Foundation supporting 5000 high-school research students. In addition, I participated in several public awareness programs, including UK’s I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here initiative and the Science Day in Norwich.

Key Publications

Modos D, Krishna CB, Fazekas D, Kubisch J, Brooks J, Marcell I, Szabo MP, Vellai T, Csermely P, Lenti K, Bender A, Korcsmáros T. (2017) Neighbours of cancer-related proteins have key influence on pathogenesis and could increase the drug target space for anti-cancer therapies npj Systems Biology and Applications, 2017; 3 (1)

Turei D, Korcsmáros T, Saez-Rodriguez J. (2016) OmniPath: gateway and guide for literature curated signaling pathway resources. Nature Methods 12:966-967

Türei D, Földvári-Nagy L, Fazekas D, Módos D, Kubisch J, Kadlecsik T, Demeter A, Lenti K, Csermely P, Vellai T, Korcsmáros T. (2015) Autophagy Regulatory Network – a systems-level bioinformatics resource for studying autophagy components and their regulation. Autophagy 11(1):155-65.

Korcsmáros T, Schneider MV, Superti-Furga G. (2017) Next generation of network medicine: interdisciplinary signaling approaches. Integrative Biology (Camb). doi: 10.1039/c6ib00215c.

Kubisch J, Türei D, Földvári-Nagy L, Dunai ZA, Zsákai L, Varga M, Vellai T, Csermely P, Korcsmáros T (2013) Complex regulation of autophagy in cancer – integrated approaches to discover the networks that hold a double-edged sword. Seminars in Cancer Biology 23(4):252-61.

Brooks-Warburton J, Modos D, Sudhakar P, Madgwick M, Thomas JP, Bohar B, Fazekas D, Zoufir A, Kapuy O, Szalay-Beko M, Verstockt B, Hall LJ, Watson A, Tremelling M, Parkes M, Vermeire S, Bender A, Carding SR, Korcsmaros . (2022)

A systems genomics approach to uncover patient-specific pathogenic pathways and proteins in ulcerative colitis.

Nature communications

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Thomas JP, Modos D, Rushbrook S, Powell N, Korcsmaros . (2022)

The Emerging Role of Bile Acids in the Pathogenesis of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Frontiers in Immunology

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Gul LEJLA, Modos DEZSO, Fonseca SONIA, Madgwick M, Thomas J, Sudhakar P, Booth C, Stentz R, Carding S, Korcsmaros . (2022)

Extracellular vesicles produced by the human commensal gutbacteriumBacteroides thetaiotaomicronaffect host immunepathways in a cell-type specific manner that are altered ininflammatory bowel disease

Journal of Extracellular Vesicles

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Turei D,Valdeolivas A,Gul L,Palacio-Escat N,Klein M,Ivanova O,Olbei M,Gabor A,Theis F,Modos D,Korcsmaros T,Saez-Rodriguez J. (2021)

Integrated intra- and intercellular signaling knowledge for multicellular omics analysis

Molecular Systems Biology

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Olbei M,Hautefort I,Modos D,Treveil A,Poletti M,Gul L,Shannon-Lowe C,Korcsmaros T. (2021)

SARS-CoV-2 causes a different cytokine response compared to other cytokine storm-causing respiratory viruses in severely ill patients

Frontiers in Immunology

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D,Kumar S,Kume S,Kumsta C,Kundu CN,Kundu M,Kunnumakkara AB,Kurgan L,Kutateladze TG,Kutlu O,Kwak S,Kwon HJ,Kwon TK,Kwon YT,Kyrmizi I,La Spada,Labonté P,Ladoire S,Laface I,Lafont F,Lagace DC,Lahiri V,Lai Z,Laird AS,Lakkaraju A,Lamark T,Lan SH,Landajuela A,Lane DJR,Lane JD,Lang CH,Lange C,Langel Ü,Langer R,Lapaquette P,Laporte J,LaRusso NF,Lastres-Becker I,Lau WCY,Laurie GW,Lavandero S,Law BYK,Law HK,Layfield R,Le W,Le Stunff,Leary AY,Lebrun JJ,Leck LYW,Leduc-Gaudet JP,Lee C,Lee CP,Lee DH,Lee EB,Lee EF,Lee GM,Lee HJ,Lee HK,Lee JM,Lee JS,Lee JA,Lee JY,Lee JH,Lee M,Lee MG,Lee MJ,Lee MS,Lee SY,Lee SJ,Lee SY,Lee SB,Lee WH,Lee YR,Lee YH,Lee Y,Lefebvre C,Legouis R,Lei YL,Lei Y,Leikin S,Leitinger G,Lemus L,Leng S,Lenoir O,Lenz G,Lenz HJ,Lenzi P,León Y,Leopoldino AM,Leschczyk C,Leskelä S,Letellier E,Leung CT,Leung PS,Leventhal JS,Levine B,Lewis PA,Ley K,Li B,Li DQ,Li J,Li J,Li J,Li K,Li L,Li M,Li M,Li M,Li M,Li M,Li PL,Li MQ,Li Q,Li S,Li T,Li W,Li W,Li X,Li YP,Li Y,Li Z,Li Z,Li Z,Lian J,Liang C,Liang Q,Liang W,Liang Y,Liang Y,Liao G,Liao L,Liao M,Liao YF,Librizzi M,Lie PPY,Lilly MA,Lim HJ,Lima TRR,Limana F,Lin C,Lin CW,Lin DS,Lin FC,Lin JD,Lin KM,Lin KH,Lin LT,Lin PH,Lin Q,Lin S,Lin SJ,Lin W,Lin X,Lin YX,Lin YS,Linden R,Lindner P,Ling SC,Lingor P,Linnemann AK,Liou YC,Lipinski MM,Lipovek S,Lira VA,Lisiak N,Liton PB,Liu C,Liu CH,Liu CF,Liu CH,Liu F,Liu H,Liu HS,Liu HF,Liu H,Liu J,Liu J,Liu J,Liu L,Liu L,Liu M,Liu Q,Liu W,Liu W,Liu XH,Liu X,Liu X,Liu X,Liu X,Liu Y,Liu Y,Liu Y,Liu Y,Liu Y,Livingston JA,Lizard G,Lizcano JM,Ljubojevic-Holzer S,LLeonart ME,Llobet-Navàs D,Llorente A,Lo CH,Lobato-Márquez D,Long Q,Long YC,Loos B,Loos JA,López MG,López-Doménech G,López-Guerrero JA,López-Jiménez AT,López-Pérez Ó,López-Valero I,Lorenowicz MJ,Lorente M,Lorincz P,Lossi L,Lotersztajn S,Lovat PE,Lovell JF,Lovy A,Low P,Lu G,Lu H,Lu JH,Lu JJ,Lu M,Lu S,Luciani A,Lucocq JM,Ludovico P,Luftig MA,Luhr M,Luis-Ravelo D,Lum JJ,Luna-Dulcey L,Lund AH,Lund VK,Lünemann JD,Lüningschrör P,Luo H,Luo R,Luo S,Luo Z,Luparello C,Lüscher B,Luu L,Lyakhovich A,Lyamzaev KG,Lystad AH,Lytvynchuk L,Ma AC,Ma C,Ma M,Ma NF,Ma QH,Ma X,Ma Y,Ma Z,MacDougald OA,Macian F,MacIntosh GC,MacKeigan JP,Macleod KF,Maday S,Madeo F,Madesh M,Madl T,Madrigal-Matute J,Maeda A,Maejima Y,Magarinos M,Mahavadi P,Maiani E,Maiese K,Maiti P,Maiuri MC,Majello B,Major MB,Makareeva E,Malik F,Mallilankaraman K,Malorni W,Maloyan A,Mammadova N,Man GCW,Manai F,Mancias JD,Mandelkow EM,Mandell MA,Manfredi AA,Manjili MH,Manjithaya R,Manque P,Manshian BB,Manzano R,Manzoni C,Mao K,Marchese C,Marchetti S,Marconi AM,Marcucci F,Mardente S,Mareninova OA,Margeta M,Mari M,Marinelli S,Marinelli O,Mariño G,Mariotto S,Marshall RS,Marten MR,Martens S,Martin APJ,Martin KR,Martin S,Martin S,Martín-Segura A,Martín-Acebes MA,Martin-Burriel I,Martin-Rincon M,Martin-Sanz P,Martina JA,Martinet W,Martinez A,Martinez A,Martinez J,Martinez Velazquez,Martinez-Lopez N,Martinez-Vicente M,Martins DO,Martins JO,Martins WK,Martins-Marques T,Marzetti E,Masaldan S,Masclaux-Daubresse C,Mashek DG,Massa V,Massieu L,Masson GR,Masuelli L,Masyuk AI,Masyuk TV,Matarrese P,Matheu A,Matoba S,Matsuzaki S,Mattar P,Matte A,Mattoscio D,Mauriz JL,Mauthe M,Mauvezin C,Maverakis E,Maycotte P,Mayer J,Mazzoccoli G,Mazzoni C,Mazzulli JR,McCarty N,McDonald C,McGill MR,McKenna SL,McLaughlin B,McLoughlin F,McNiven MA,McWilliams TG,Mechta-Grigoriou F,Medeiros TC,Medina DL,Megeney LA,Megyeri K,Mehrpour M,Mehta JL,Meijer AJ,Meijer AH,Mejlvang J,Meléndez A,Melk A,Memisoglu G,Mendes AF,Meng D,Meng F,Meng T,Menna-Barreto R,Menon MB,Mercer C,Mercier AE,Mergny JL,Merighi A,Merkley SD,Merla G,Meske V,Mestre AC,Metur SP,Meyer C,Meyer H,Mi W,Mialet-Perez J,Miao J,Micale L,Miki Y,Milan E,Milczarek M,Miller DL,Miller SI,Miller S,Millward SW,Milosevic I,Minina EA,Mirzaei H,Mirzaei HR,Mirzaei M,Mishra A,Mishra N,Mishra PK,Misirkic Marjanovic,Misasi R,Misra A,Misso G,Mitchell C,Mitou G,Miura T,Miyamoto S,Miyazaki M,Miyazaki M,Miyazaki T,Miyazawa K,Mizushima N,Mogensen TH,Mograbi B,Mohammadinejad R,Mohamud Y,Mohanty A,Mohapatra S,Möhlmann T,Mohmmed A,Moles A,Moley KH,Molinari M,Mollace V,Møller AB,Mollereau B,Mollinedo F,Montagna C,Monteiro MJ,Montella A,Montes LR,Montico B,Mony VK,Monzio Compagnoni,Moore MN,Moosavi MA,Mora AL,Mora M,Morales-Alamo D,Moratalla R,Moreira PI,Morelli E,Moreno S,Moreno-Blas D,Moresi V,Morga B,Morgan AH,Morin F,Morishita H,Moritz OL,Moriyama M,Moriyasu Y,Morleo M,Morselli E,Moruno-Manchon JF,Moscat J,Mostowy S,Motori E,Moura AF,Moustaid-Moussa N,Mrakovcic M,Muciño-Hernández G,Mukherjee A,Mukhopadhyay S,Mulcahy Levy,Mulero V,Muller S,Münch C,Munjal A,Munoz-Canoves P,Muñoz-Galdeano T,Münz C,Murakawa T,Muratori C,Murphy BM,Murphy JP,Murthy A,Myöhänen TT,Mysorekar IU,Mytych J,Nabavi SM,Nabissi M,Nagy P,Nah J,Nahimana A,Nakagawa I,Nakamura K,Nakatogawa H,Nandi SS,Nanjundan M,Nanni M,Napolitano G,Nardacci R,Narita M,Nassif M,Nathan I,Natsumeda M,Naude RJ,Naumann C,Naveiras O,Navid F,Nawrocki ST,Nazarko TY,Nazio F,Negoita F,Neill T,Neisch AL,Neri LM,Netea MG,Neubert P,Neufeld TP,Neumann D,Neutzner A,Newton PT,Ney PA,Nezis IP,Ng CCW,Ng TB,Nguyen HTT,Nguyen LT,Ni HM,Ní Cheallaigh,Ni Z,Nicolao MC,Nicoli F,Nieto-Diaz M,Nilsson P,Ning S,Niranjan R,Nishimune H,Niso-Santano M,Nixon RA,Nobili A,Nobrega C,Noda T,Nogueira-Recalde U,Nolan TM,Nombela I,Novak I,Novoa B,Nozawa T,Nukina N,Nussbaum-Krammer C,Nylandsted J,O'Donovan TR,O'Leary SM,O'Rourke EJ,O'Sullivan MP,O'Sullivan TE,Oddo S,Oehme I,Ogawa M,Ogier-Denis E,Ogmundsdottir MH,Ogretmen B,Oh GT,Oh SH,Oh YJ,Ohama T,Ohashi Y,Ohmuraya M,Oikonomou V,Ojha R,Okamoto K,Okazawa H,Oku M,Oliván S,Oliveira JMA,Ollmann M,Olzmann JA,Omari S,Omary MB,Önal G,Ondrej M,Ong SB,Ong SG,Onnis A,Orellana JA,Orellana-Muñoz S,Ortega-Villaizan MDM,Ortiz-Gonzalez XR,Ortona E,Osiewacz HD,Osman AK,Osta R,Otegui MS,Otsu K,Ott C,Ottobrini L,Ou JJ,Outeiro TF,Oynebraten I,Ozturk M,Pagès G,Pahari S,Pajares M,Pajvani UB,Pal R,Paladino S,Pallet N,Palmieri M,Palmisano G,Palumbo C,Pampaloni F,Pan L,Pan Q,Pan W,Pan X,Panasyuk G,Pandey R,Pandey UB,Pandya V,Paneni F,Pang SY,Panzarini E,Papademetrio DL,Papaleo E,Papinski D,Papp D,Park EC,Park HT,Park JM,Park JI,Park JT,Park J,Park SC,Park SY,Parola AH,Parys JB,Pasquier A,Pasquier B,Passos JF,Pastore N,Patel HH,Patschan D,Pattingre S,Pedraza-Alva G,Pedraza-Chaverri J,Pedrozo Z,Pei G,Pei J,Peled-Zehavi H,Pellegrini JM,Pelletier J,Peñalva MA,Peng D,Peng Y,Penna F,Pennuto M,Pentimalli F,Pereira CM,Pereira GJS,Pereira LC,Pereira de,Perera ND,Pérez-Lara Á,Perez-Oliva AB,Pérez-Pérez ME,Periyasamy P,Perl A,Perrotta C,Perrotta I,Pestell RG,Petersen M,Petrache I,Petrovski G,Pfirrmann T,Pfister AS,Philips JA,Pi H,Picca A,Pickrell AM,Picot S,Pierantoni GM,Pierdominici M,Pierre P,Pierrefite-Carle V,Pierzynowska K,Pietrocola F,Pietruczuk M,Pignata C,Pimentel-Muiños FX,Pinar M,Pinheiro RO,Pinkas-Kramarski R,Pinton P,Pircs K,Piya S,Pizzo P,Plantinga TS,Platta HW,Plaza-Zabala A,Plomann M,Plotnikov EY,Plun-Favreau H,Pluta R,Pocock R,Pöggeler S,Pohl C,Poirot M,Poletti A,Ponpuak M,Popelka H,Popova B,Porta H,Porte Alcon,Portilla-Fernandez E,Post M,Potts MB,Poulton J,Powers T,Prahlad V,Prajsnar TK,Praticò D,Prencipe R,Priault M,Proikas-Cezanne T,Promponas VJ,Proud CG,Puertollano R,Puglielli L,Pulinilkunnil T,Puri D,Puri R,Puyal J,Qi X,Qi Y,Qian W,Qiang L,Qiu Y,Quadrilatero J,Quarleri J,Raben N,Rabinowich H,Ragona D,Ragusa MJ,Rahimi N,Rahmati M,Raia V,Raimundo N,Rajasekaran NS,Ramachandra Rao,Rami A,Ramírez-Pardo I,Ramsden DB,Randow F,Rangarajan PN,Ranieri D,Rao H,Rao L,Rao R,Rathore S,Ratnayaka JA,Ratovitski EA,Ravanan P,Ravegnini G,Ray SK,Razani B,Rebecca V,Reggiori F,Régnier-Vigouroux A,Reichert AS,Reigada D,Reiling JH,Rein T,Reipert S,Rekha RS,Ren H,Ren J,Ren W,Renault T,Renga G,Reue K,Rewitz K,Ribeiro de,Riazuddin SA,Ribeiro-Rodrigues TM,Ricci JE,Ricci R,Riccio V,Richardson DR,Rikihisa Y,Risbud MV,Risueño RM,Ritis K,Rizza S,Rizzuto R,Roberts HC,Roberts LD,Robinson KJ,Roccheri MC,Rocchi S,Rodney GG,Rodrigues T,Rodrigues Silva,Rodriguez A,Rodriguez-Barrueco R,Rodriguez-Henche N,Rodriguez-Rocha H,Roelofs J,Rogers RS,Rogov VV,Rojo AI,Rolka K,Romanello V,Romani L,Romano A,Romano PS,Romeo-Guitart D,Romero LC,Romero M,Roney JC,Rongo C,Roperto S,Rosenfeldt MT,Rosenstiel P,Rosenwald AG,Roth KA,Roth L,Roth S,Rouschop KMA,Roussel BD,Roux S,Rovere-Querini P,Roy A,Rozieres A,Ruano D,Rubinsztein DC,Rubtsova MP,Ruckdeschel K,Ruckenstuhl C,Rudolf E,Rudolf R,Ruggieri A,Ruparelia AA,Rusmini P,Russell RR,Russo GL,Russo M,Russo R,Ryabaya OO,Ryan KM,Ryu KY,Sabater-Arcis M,Sachdev U,Sacher M,Sachse C,Sadhu A,Sadoshima J,Safren N,Saftig P,Sagona AP,Sahay G,Sahebkar A,Sahin M,Sahin O,Sahni S,Saito N,Saito S,Saito T,Sakai R,Sakai Y,Sakamaki JI,Saksela K,Salazar G,Salazar-Degracia A,Salekdeh GH,Saluja AK,Sampaio-Marques B,Sanchez MC,Sanchez-Alcazar JA,Sanchez-Vera V,Sancho-Shimizu V,Sanderson JT,Sandri M,Santaguida S,Santambrogio L,Santana MM,Santoni G,Sanz A,Sanz P,Saran S,Sardiello M,Sargeant TJ,Sarin A,Sarkar C,Sarkar S,Sarrias MR,Sarkar S,Sarmah DT,Sarparanta J,Sathyanarayan A,Sathyanarayanan R,Scaglione KM,Scatozza F,Schaefer L,Schafer ZT,Schaible UE,Schapira AHV,Scharl M,Schatzl HM,Schein CH,Scheper W,Scheuring D,Schiaffino MV,Schiappacassi M,Schindl R,Schlattner U,Schmidt O,Schmitt R,Schmidt SD,Schmitz I,Schmukler E,Schneider A,Schneider BE,Schober R,Schoijet AC,Schott MB,Schramm M,Schröder B,Schuh K,Schüller C,Schulze RJ,Schürmanns L,Schwamborn JC,Schwarten M,Scialo F,Sciarretta S,Scott MJ,Scotto KW,Scovassi AI,Scrima A,Scrivo A,Sebastian D,Sebti S,Sedej S,Segatori L,Segev N,Seglen PO,Seiliez I,Seki E,Selleck SB,Sellke FW,Selsby JT,Sendtner M,Senturk S,Seranova E,Sergi C,Serra-Moreno R,Sesaki H,Settembre C,Setty SRG,Sgarbi G,Sha O,Shacka JJ,Shah JA,Shang D,Shao C,Shao F,Sharbati S,Sharkey LM,Sharma D,Sharma G,Sharma K,Sharma P,Sharma S,Shen HM,Shen H,Shen J,Shen M,Shen W,Shen Z,Sheng R,Sheng Z,Sheng ZH,Shi J,Shi X,Shi YH,Shiba-Fukushima K,Shieh JJ,Shimada Y,Shimizu S,Shimozawa M,Shintani T,Shoemaker CJ,Shojaei S,Shoji I,Shravage BV,Shridhar V,Shu CW,Shu HB,Shui K,Shukla AK,Shutt TE,Sica V,Siddiqui A,Sierra A,Sierra-Torre V,Signorelli S,Sil P,Silva BJA,Silva JD,Silva-Pavez E,Silvente-Poirot S,Simmonds RE,Simon AK,Simon HU,Simons M,Singh A,Singh LP,Singh R,Singh SV,Singh SK,Singh SB,Singh S,Singh SP,Sinha D,Sinha RA,Sinha S,Sirko A,Sirohi K,Sivridis EL,Skendros P,Skirycz A,Slaninová I,Smaili SS,Smertenko A,Smith MD,Soenen SJ,Sohn EJ,Sok SPM,Solaini G,Soldati T,Soleimanpour SA,Soler RM,Solovchenko A,Somarelli JA,Sonawane A,Song F,Song HK,Song JX,Song K,Song Z,Soria LR,Sorice M,Soukas AA,Soukup SF,Sousa D,Sousa N,Spagnuolo PA,Spector SA,Srinivas Bharath,St Clair,Stagni V,Staiano L,Stalnecker CA,Stankov MV,Stathopulos PB,Stefan K,Stefan SM,Stefanis L,Steffan JS,Steinkasserer A,Stenmark H,Sterneckert J,Stevens C,Stoka V,Storch S,Stork B,Strappazzon F,Strohecker AM,Stupack DG,Su H,Su LY,Su L,Suarez-Fontes AM,Subauste CS,Subbian S,Subirada PV,Sudhandiran G,Sue CM,Sui X,Summers C,Sun G,Sun J,Sun K,Sun MX,Sun Q,Sun Y,Sun Z,Sunahara KKS,Sundberg E,Susztak K,Sutovsky P,Suzuki H,Sweeney G,Symons JD,Sze SCW,Szewczyk NJ,Tabecka-Lonczynska A,Tabolacci C,Tacke F,Taegtmeyer H,Tafani M,Tagaya M,Tai H,Tait SWG,Takahashi Y,Takats S,Talwar P,Tam C,Tam SY,Tampellini D,Tamura A,Tan CT,Tan EK,Tan YQ,Tanaka M,Tanaka M,Tang D,Tang J,Tang TS,Tanida I,Tao Z,Taouis M,Tatenhorst L,Tavernarakis N,Taylor A,Taylor GA,Taylor JM,Tchetina E,Tee AR,Tegeder I,Teis D,Teixeira N,Teixeira-Clerc F,Tekirdag KA,Tencomnao T,Tenreiro S,Tepikin AV,Testillano PS,Tettamanti G,Tharaux PL,Thedieck K,Thekkinghat AA,Thellung S,Thinwa JW,Thirumalaikumar VP,Thomas SM,Thomes PG,Thorburn A,Thukral L,Thum T,Thumm M,Tian L,Tichy A,Till A,Timmerman V,Titorenko VI,Todi SV,Todorova K,Toivonen JM,Tomaipitinca L,Tomar D,Tomas-Zapico C,Tomic S,Tong BC,Tong C,Tong X,Tooze SA,Torgersen ML,Torii S,Torres-López L,Torriglia A,Towers CG,Towns R,Toyokuni S,Trajkovic V,Tramontano D,Tran QG,Travassos LH,Trelford CB,Tremel S,Trougakos IP,Tsao BP,Tschan MP,Tse HF,Tse TF,Tsugawa H,Tsvetkov AS,Tumbarello DA,Tumtas Y,Tuñón MJ,Turcotte S,Turk B,Turk V,Turner BJ,Tuxworth RI,Tyler JK,Tyutereva EV,Uchiyama Y,Ugun-Klusek A,Uhlig HH,Ulamek-Koziol M,Ulasov IV,Umekawa M,Ungermann C,Unno R,Urbe S,Uribe-Carretero E,Üstün S,Uversky VN,Vaccari T,Vaccaro MI,Vahsen BF,Vakifahmetoglu-Norberg H,Valdor R,Valente MJ,Valko A,Vallee RB,Valverde AM,Van den,van der,Van Kaer,van Loosdregt,van Wijk,Vandenberghe W,Vanhorebeek I,Vannier-Santos MA,Vannini N,Vanrell MC,Vantaggiato C,Varano G,Varela-Nieto I,Varga M,Vasconcelos MH,Vats S,Vavvas DG,Vega-Naredo I,Vega-Rubin-de-Celis S,Velasco G,Velázquez AP,Vellai T,Vellenga E,Velotti F,Verdier M,Verginis P,Vergne I,Verkade P,Verma M,Verstreken P,Vervliet T,Vervoorts J,Vessoni AT,Victor VM,Vidal M,Vidoni C,Vieira OV,Vierstra RD,Viganó S,Vihinen H,Vijayan V,Vila M,Vilar M,Villalba JM,Villalobo A,Villarejo-Zori B,Villarroya F,Villarroya J,Vincent O,Vindis C,Viret C,Viscomi MT,Visnjic D,Vitale I,Vocadlo DJ,Voitsekhovskaja OV,Volonté C,Volta M,Vomero M,Von Haefen,Vooijs MA,Voos W,Vucicevic L,Wade-Martins R,Waguri S,Waite KA,Wakatsuki S,Walker DW,Walker MJ,Walker SA,Walter J,Wandosell FG,Wang B,Wang CY,Wang C,Wang C,Wang C,Wang CY,Wang D,Wang F,Wang F,Wang F,Wang G,Wang H,Wang H,Wang H,Wang HG,Wang J,Wang J,Wang J,Wang J,Wang K,Wang L,Wang L,Wang MH,Wang M,Wang N,Wang P,Wang P,Wang P,Wang P,Wang QJ,Wang Q,Wang QK,Wang QA,Wang WT,Wang W,Wang X,Wang X,Wang Y,Wang Y,Wang Y,Wang YY,Wang Y,Wang Y,Wang Y,Wang Y,Wang Z,Wang Z,Wang Z,Warnes G,Warnsmann V,Watada H,Watanabe E,Watchon M,Wawrzynska A,Weaver TE,Wegrzyn G,Wehman AM,Wei H,Wei L,Wei T,Wei Y,Weiergräber OH,Weihl CC,Weindl G,Weiskirchen R,Wells A,Wen RH,Wen X,Werner A,Weykopf B,Wheatley SP,Whitton JL,Whitworth AJ,Wiktorska K,Wildenberg ME,Wileman T,Wilkinson S,Willbold D,Williams B,Williams RSB,Williams RL,Williamson PR,Wilson RA,Winner B,Winsor NJ,Witkin SS,Wodrich H,Woehlbier U,Wollert T,Wong E,Wong JH,Wong RW,Wong VKW,Wong WW,Wu AG,Wu 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(2021)

Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring autophagy (4th edition)1.


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