Tianqi Li

Visiting PhD student

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Translational microbiome

I am a visiting PhD student from Jiangnan University. I am focusing on the effects of sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB) on the host. Using tools including bioinformatics, cell lines and fermenting models, I would like to verify the role of SRB in the gut.

I have a MSc. degree in Food Safety specialized in food microbiology from Wageningen University. During my recent years’ training, I have acquired skills in strictly anaerobic bacteria cultivation, PCR, pathogen handling and Qiime etc.

Sayavedra L,Li T,Bueno Batista M,Seah BKB,Booth C,Zhai Q,Chen W,Narbad A. (2021)

Desulfovibrio diazotrophica sp. nov., a sulphate reducing bacterium from the human gut capable of nitrogen fixation.

Environmental microbiology

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