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Postgraduate Student

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Starch breakdown in the digestive tract

I moved to the UK in 2011 & graduated from the University of East Anglia with a Master’s degree in Biological & Medicinal Chemistry in 2017. Shortly afterwards, I started a PhD studentship on the synthesis & characterisation of novel starch hydrogels for various purposes, under the supervision of Dr Fred Warren at the Quadram Institute.

My background is in the total organosynthesis of natural compounds for drug development purposes & NMR analytical techniques. My academic & research interests include organosynthesis of natural compounds for medicinal applications, topical bioactives, novel hydrogel materials & advanced NMR techniques.

My non-academic interests include puzzle-type games, board games, escape rooms & comic books.

Koev T, Harris HC, Kiamehr S, Khimyak YZ, Warren . (2022)

Starch hydrogels as targeted colonic drug delivery vehicles

Carbohydrate Polymers

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Koev T,Muñoz-García JC,Iuga D,Khimyak YZ,Warren F. (2020)

Structural Heterogeneities in Starch Hydrogels

Carbohydrate Polymers

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Petropoulou K,Salt LJ,Edwards CH,Warren FJ,Garcia-Perez I,Chambers ES,Alshaalan R,Khatib M,Perez-Moral N,Gotts KL,Kellingray L,Stanley R,Koev T,Khimyak YZ,Narbad A,Penney N,Serrano-Contreras JI,Charalambides MN,Blanco JM,Seoane RC,McDonald JAK,Marchesi JR,Holmes E,Godsland IF,Morrison DJ,Preston T,Domoney C,Wilde PJ,Frost GS. (2020)

A natural mutation in Pisum sativum L. (pea) alters starch assembly and improves glucose homeostasis in humans

Nature Food, 1, 693704

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Muñoz-Garcia J. C., Corbin K. R., Hussain H., Gabrielli V., Koev T., Iuga D., Round A. N., Mikkelsen D., Gunning P. A., Warren F., Khimyak Y. Z.. (2019)

High molecular weight mixed-linkage glucan as a mechanical and hydration modulator of bacterial cellulose: characterisation by advanced NMR spectroscopy.

Biomacromolecules, 20, 4180-4190

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