Wouter van Bakel

Postgraduate Student

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Glycobiology of host-microbe interactions in the gut

I have finished a master’s and a bachelor’s in molecular biology, now I am investigating the interaction between Ruminococcus gnavus and mucin O-glycans and HMOs.

Wu H, Crost EH, Owen CD, van Bakel W, Martínez Gascueña A, Latousakis D, Hicks T, Walpole S, Urbanowicz PA, Ndeh D, Monaco S, Sánchez Salom L, Griffiths R, Reynolds RS, Colvile A, Spencer DIR, Walsh M, Angulo J, Juge N. (2021)

The human gut symbiont Ruminococcus gnavus shows specificity to blood group A antigen during mucin glycan foraging: Implication for niche colonisation in the gastrointestinal tract.

PLoS biology

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