IFR’s Postgraduate students collect their doctorate degrees

19th July 2013

The latest group of IFR PhD students are receiving their degrees at the University of East Anglia’s Congregation Ceremony 2013. In a series of articles we look at some of these student’s research and impacts.

Training research scientists for the food and health sector is part of the mission of the IFR. The sustainability of the food sector relies on this next generation of food and health and postgraduate training for the brightest minds plays an integral part in IFR’s culture scientists.

“I would like to congratulate all of our students picking up their PhDs, and wish them well in their future careers,” said Dr Arnoud van Vliet, the Chair of Graduate Studies at the IFR. “Getting the PhD degree is a significant achievement, which requires a lot of hard work and dedication, and we are pleased to see that this has been recognised and rewarded with the degree. Together with the training received at the Institute and the partners on the Norwich Research Park, this should give these students the skills and motivation to make important future contributions to science, economy and society”.

Receiving their PhDs are:

  • Adam Elliston, supervised by Keith Waldron, investigating new ways of turning waste into valuable products such as biofuels
  • Robert Green, supervised by Arnoud van Vliet and Andy Johnston at UEA, investigated the metal acquisition of  marine bacteria, and gene flow to human pathogens.
  • Faye Jeffers, supervised by Nathalie Juge, investigating how the bacteria that live in our guts are able to bind to the layer of mucus lining the wall of the gut.
  • Emma Meader, supervised by Arjan Narbad, studying how effective bacteriophage therapy could be for preventing Clostridium difficille infection.