Reading Salmonella’s genetic secrets

7th April 2015


The World Health Organisation annually celebrates the 7th April as World Health Day, and in 2015 it is highlighting the challenges of food safety.

Over 2 million people die each year through contaminated food and drink. IFR welcomes the WHO using World Health Day to focus on the global impact of food safety.

Our own research is contributing to efforts in the UK and worldwide to make food safer, by learning more about the bacteria that cause some of the major problems. In particular we are looking at Campylobacter, Clostridium botulinum and Salmonella, but also looking at how we can reduce the risks to food safety across the food chain.

You can find out more about on the Food Safety Centre website and in this special news brief

Here, Dr Rob Kingsley talks about his research into Salmonella. he is using molecular biology and modern genomic techniques to get a better understanding of how Salmonella survives, how it gets into the food chain, and how it causes disease.

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Microscopy image of Salmonella with a genomic map overlaid

Rob Kingsley

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