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Ian Roberts

Dr Ian Roberts

Group Leader

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Our group aims to improve our understanding of yeasts, as a component of the microbiome and in the natural environment. We are looking at ways of exploiting yeasts, in bioprospecting and for use in commercial industrial biotechnological processes.

We collect, identify and preserve novel isolates which we characterise using the most advanced methodologies available, primarily based on phylogenetics, comparative genomics, and Genome Wide Association (GWA) studies. We are exploiting this biodiversity and expanded yeast gene pool in a number of areas. We collaborate closely with the Waldron Group for Biorefining and yeast exploitation to apply our knowledge to sustainable use of agri-food biomass as a resource in the circular economy and bioindustry-focused rapid phenotyping capabilities.

We are a multidisciplinary team and our expertise encompasses high throughout phenotyping methodologies, computational pipelines and, with the Waldron group, fermentation, saccharification and biorefining.

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Our Targets

Targeting the understanding of the microbiome

Understanding the Microbiome

Targeting food safety

Food Safety

Targeting Future Foods

Future Foods

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