Scientists speed network at college careers event

18th June 2019

Priscilla Walsh, Shikha Saha and Paul Needs, from the Kroon and Mithen groups recently attended the Wymondham College Sixth Form Sixth Form Speed Networking event. The event was organised to give Year 12 students an insight into different career options. Here Priscilla blogs about her experience.

“Though rather hectic, the session was enjoyed by us and the pupils we met. Their interests were wide ranging, and their provisional career goals were too, including biology, geochemistry, organic chemistry (a relief to Paul), computer programming and mathematical modelling.” said Prisiclla

“Students were intrigued to find out that not only did they have a gut microbiota but that its composition is important and highly diet-dependent. Few were aware, and were amazed to learn that gut microbiota can contribute to good mental health, protect against chronic diseases and promote a long healthy life. In particular the now proven ability of “Super Broccoli” to protect against cancer intrigued them- perhaps to the point of actually eating it!”

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