Microbiota and vascular health

Dr Stephen Robinson

Research Leader

Microbiota and vascular health


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We are interested in understanding how microbiota-host interactions regulate vascular systems across our entire lives, including during early development,  adult homeostasis, normal and dysfunctional ageing and in pathological states (e.g. cancers and tissue injuries). Our ultimate goal is to guide the use and design of microbiota based therapies in order to maintain life-long vascular health.

We have a particular focus on delineating how external factors, such as diets, probiotic supplementation and antibiotics influence microbiota-host interactions across different life stages so that we can learn more about their impact on the vascular system.

We are known for blending cellular and molecular studies with the use of pre-clinical models to pioneer new lines of investigation and deliver key insights into both physiological and pathological biological processes. We use a variety of techniques in the lab (microscopy, flow-cytometry, proteomics, next generation sequencing, bioinformatics) that we apply across both in vitro and in vivo platforms. With our move to the Quadram Institute, we are also expanding into the clinical arena.

As a group we are passionate about sharing our research and our science through public engagement, talks and through the media.

Our Targets

Targeting cancer


Targeting Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular Disease

Targeting the understanding of the microbiome

Understanding the Microbiome

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