Total Food 2014

2nd April 2014

The Institute of Food Research, on the Norwich Research Park, is hosting an international conference exploring the latest breakthroughs in research into better ways of exploiting waste and co-products from agriculture and food production.

Total Food 2014, 11th-13th November, is the fourth in a series of conferences focused on the sustainable exploitation of agri-food co-products and related biomass, thereby helping to minimise waste.

Total Food 2014 will bring together agri-food companies, scientists, consumer organisations and waste experts to share views and the latest knowledge on ways of minimising and reusing waste.

total_food_eheaderThe conference will look at current food waste and its uses, and will  explore new ideas and techniques for adding  value to  it. As well as bioenergy, biofuels and biogas, speakers will talk about extracting bioactive products that boost human health, can be used as food ingredients,  as well as providing new sources of animal feed. As well as reducing wastage in the food chain, such innovations are also designed to make the way we produce our food more environmentally sustainable, as well as offering up new income streams to food and farming businesses.

In addition to  talks, the conference is offering focused workshops, allowing delegates unique opportunities to interact with experts in the field. Progress in current research projects will also be showcased at a poster session.

The conference has been designed to appeal to food and agri-chain professionals interested in maximising the utilisation of whole crops, agri-food co-products, as well as anyone interested in sustainability of food.

Registration for Total Food 2014 is now open, with an early bird discount rate until Friday 11th July.

Total Food 2014 is being organised, under the auspices of the Royal Society of Chemistry (Food Group) by the Institute of Food Research and the University of York, in collaboration with the COST Action Network TD1203 Food waste valorisation for sustainable chemicals, materials and fuels (EUBis). It will  be held at the John Innes Centre Conference Centre, on the Norwich Research Park from 11th-13th November.

RSC Food Group sponsorship for students/early career researchers

We are pleased to announce that the RSC Food Group have generously sponsored six delegate fees to Total Food 2014 for students or early-career researchers*.

These will be awarded on scientific merit of abstract submissions as judged by the Scientific Committee.

Please note that the sponsorship will cover the registration fee for Total Food 2014 but the winners will be responsible for the costs of their travel and accommodation.

To apply for a sponsored registration, please submit your abstract using this special template by the closing deadline of Friday 16th May 2014.  Winners will be announced by Monday 16th June 2014 and may be featured in conference publicity.

* For the purposes of this competition, an early career researcher is defined as someone who has a maximum of four years’ academic research experience since the completion of their PhD.