Would you like food poisoning with that?

16th October 2015

Arnoud van VlietIt’s not a side order most of us would choose, yet over a million people in the UK suffer from some form of food poisoning each year.

Arnoud van Vliet from IFR’s Food Safety Centre, gave the latest IFR Public Lecture last month. His talk covered the bacteria that cause food poisoning, why they are so good at making us ill, and why the problems are increasing.

He explained the latest scientific breakthroughs to help battle the bugs, and what the UK government and the food industry need to do to reduce food poisoning. There are top tips for what we as consumers need to do to protect ourselves and our families when storing, preparing and cooking food.

Watch Arnoud’s presentation


Despite all of the threats, our food is remarkably safe, but there is a constant need for vigilance against new problems, and for everybody involved in bringing food to our tables to work together to keep us safe.